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This Friday February 23rd

The Bachata/Kizomba social

The Leopard Room at The Palms

129 Atlantic St., Stamford

9:30pm, $10 lesson


Join us every Thursday for Salsa dancing!

The Palms, 129 Atlantic St., Stamford

8:30pm, $10 lesson

Bob Blank began teaching at Latin Moves Dance Studio in 2016. He teaches Ballroom Standard such as Foxtrot and Hustle, as well as Latin, such as Rumba and Kizomba.

Bob Blank and Martha Estevez are 2015 World Champion Latin dancers, winning the WDC AL Championship in Paris, France.  They are 2006 and 2007 US Sr 2 Latin Champions and 2007 Sr 2 Ten Dance Champions. 

Bob and Martha have been dancing together for almost 20 years.  As a ten dance couple (competing in both Standard and Latin) they have competed in ten United States Nationals and in places as diverse as California, Minnesota, Kentucky and Rhode Island; they have represented the USA in Spain and France.